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What do you mean by "Awaken Style"

SO, why the name change? If you know me, you know my studio as "ACF Hair Studio". I changed it because, well, I woke up. I awakened myself to another level of reality. My own. Owning who I am today, accepting who I was and using the past as a reference and not a place of residence.

After that life changing experience that I like to call breeding, my senses and intuition came on at full force. The scariest yet peaceful experience of my life. No lie, when they placed my daughter on my chest, she pushed herself up, looked me square in the eye! "OH SHIT!" That moment was so surreal. That little nugget literally scanned the room and made eye contact with each person that spoke. At that moment, I saw the potential of the universe. How can this new little being in the world be so awaken and aware?

My parents have always said that they had cursed me to one day have a daughter at least half "as bad" as me. (If you know me, your probably laughing) I most definitely got a mini me. Fire and Sass! Honestly, she's emotional. I watch how she interacts within her environment. Depending on the mood she is surrounded in results in the mood she is in (makes sense?) Noticing these things in her, gave me that "aww well that makes sense" in me. Only then did my intuition get stronger. I am an emotional empath. Just like my daughter. This is a blessing and a curse all at the same time. I have decided to embrace this and use it for good.

Its scary being so open about this. People may look at differently and pass their judgement, but THATS none of my business. To live awaken means to accept your differences. Own yourself. You are not who you were. Not yesterday, not 7 years ago, and most definitely not 14 years ago. Everyday you change. So, what does all that have to do with "Awaken Style"? In times of your life you experience emotions that you internalized , an emotion that touched you or and emotion that weight on you. You receive those energies and then you release those energies out from your Hair, skin and nails.

The power of touch and sight can immediately change your perspective and cleanse you of what weights you down. When you address these energies/emotions then you begin to see that positive changes you desire.

I plan on using these gifts to help my guest awaken and accept where they are now. Embrace and heal. Move forward to a better you. Hair is the accessory you never take off. By using essential oils, scalp massage and facial massage. We can begin to stimulate the metabolism of your scalp to produce healthy hair.

This is just the beginning and I welcome you to find your Awaken Style.

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