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The Power of "CTC"

CTC: Consultation through Connection.

CTC is probably THE most important part of finding your Awaken Style. During a consultation, communicating your desired look can be difficult if you can not connect with your stylist. Same goes with an other profession you visit to seek your desires (or life in general). The question is , how do you connect? Easy. Be you and be open. If you are at a breaking point with your style, you gotta be open. Obviously, whats happening now isn't working. The "Be you" part, don't let outside opinions influence what your style is. What they think is none of your business . Let me tell you a true story so that you really understand what I'm talking about.

I have this client, Julie. I have been doing Julie's hair for a couple of years now and she is a joy and pleasure to be around. When she first came to me, she was one of those that we just clicked! Her hair would be considered "difficult" to work with, but since we just clicked the consultation made it easy for me to vibe off of her and give her not only what she was looking for but what her hair could do! She left my salon that day after her first visit with practically tears in her eyes! "YESSSSSS!!!! FINALLY, someone gets my hair!" I was able to connect with her. It was that easy.

About 6 weeks later, Julie made another appointment to keep her short pixie cut fresh. This time she came with "changes" she wanted to implement to her style. It went a little like this.........

"My friend said that maybe I should leave this part a little longer.......... My boss said....blah blah blah...My mother said..." and so on and so forth. I just wanted to make her happy, so I listened to her changes. Long story short. Each time she came in with someone else's opinion on how she should look , we got further and further away from her being satisfied with her hair. That excitement and smile WE created during the first visit was gone. Not to long ago Julie sat in my chair stressed to high heaven. She puts her hands in her and made it stand straight up and says, "make it look good when I do this!" See, she trains as a jiujitsu fighter and she's constantly wiping the sweat from her face by brushing her fingers back through her hair and hated how she looked in the mirror. Yes, you read all that correctly. She wanted me to give her a cut that looked good even after she she's ran her hands all through it. So, I went with it. After completing each section of her cut she kept saying , "yes, omg! you've got it!!!!" By the end of the cut, I had created the same cut I did the first time. Moral of the story, BE YOU! It's none of your business what others opinions are of you!

Stay connected within!


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