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"The Logo....."

I was recently asked the symbolism behind my logo and felt that I had to share here. When I decided to rebrand myself and change the business name, the next question was "SO, what's your logo going to be?" What symbol/image was going to represent me? I sat with a note pad and immediately starting sketching. The triangle was the symbol I kept going to. Why the triangle? What inside me is making me sketch a triangle? What is sooo important about the triangle that my spirit won't let up on? So, I googled "spiritual meaning of the triangle." Yup, I googled it! The symbolism spoke to me and I just went with it. I "questioned" myself and googled it. I learned my lesson to trust myself and trust my journey. So, my logo. Each shape overlaps each other. Past, present and future. The base triangle represents my foundation , my past. In the dark trying to "fit" in. I was seeking approval back then. Like any 20 something year old fresh into the "real world". Fashion, makeup, lights, and models. "Fit in THAT box". As this base triangle overlaps into the larger one, you notice it starts to fade away. The larger triangle represents my present. Family and career. The 2 diagonal lines belong to my daughter Aurora Magdalena and my son, Alexandro Vidal. The lines that form the point represent myself and my husband, Chris.

The circle represents balance. Within the circle is the point of my present . My family takes up the majority within the circle. Above is the 8 pointed star or the octagram. This represents my higher spirit. That star represents self as well. Perfection can never be obtained but progress can.

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